Analyse 10X more security footage in real-time

Wizion SecureStore is an enterprise AI video recognition & analytics tool for retail theft prevention, investigations, real-time alerts and video surveillance automation.


How it works

Wizion SecureStore alerts CCTV operators if a person has more items in their cart than they paid for. Operators can verify alerts with easy to scrub historical footage. Once a theft is verified, a push notification to the store's in person security can be made.


A theft occurs!


It's caught on video...


An alert is created.


Alert verified by an operator.





If we have video that we do not review, it is as good as not having any video at all.

We know we can’t just put cameras in anymore for security & loss prevention. Wizion helps us to utilize our existing cameras.

We don’t want to give a third party our video feed – we don’t trust anybody with our data – it’s too risky. Wizion's software analyses our footage on our premises so we have no worries.

Why Wizion SecureStore

Stores lose 0.5-1.0% of their revenue due to theft, where a large majority occurs at the self-checkout. We have the technology and expertise to detect and avoid theft through the power of new AI techniques.


Cutting-edge image recognition

We implement machine learning techniques to accurately identify when store goods are being stolen.

On-premises and anonymized

SecureStore can run both on premises in store or in a dedicated server in Wizion Cloud. We have designed our system ground-up to store as little customer data as possible and be fully GDPR compliant. Our customers retain full ownership of their video data.

Human-AI hybrid

With Wizion SecureStore, security operators can monitor significantly more feeds to successfully identify when a theft occurs.

Frequently asked questions

How do stores prevent theft currently?

The most common method for theft prevention is random checks. Occasionally a random customer is selected and a store employee scans a three or five items that the customer has in their cart. However this serves mostly as a discouragement for law abiding customers to steal. Actual theft is very rarely discovered during random checks.

Why is this not yet a standard?

Companies don't trust AI and machine learning enough. The theft prevention is a tricky problem. Currently the best models can classify around 1000 items whereas a supermarket would have around 100,000 different items in stock. We solve the trust issue with a human-ai hybrid approach.

What hardware does Wizion SecureStore require?

Wizion SecureStore runs on standard server hardware and takes input from standard IP cameras. Thus no new hardware is usually required. Furthermore, there is no requirement to the operating system, because Wizion SecureStore is deployed in a containerised format. Therefore the initial set-up costs for SecureStore are minimal.

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